MSH Heroes

Donna Stevens

Donna’s compassion and professionalism haven’t gone unnoticed. She’s been recognized as an MSH Hero multiple times with patients donating to the hospital in her honour. Recently, Donna was thrilled and humbled to be recognized for her exemplary work once again.

“It’s a huge honour,” Donna says. “To think that someone who comes here in a challenging situation would then take the time to express their gratitude and show their generosity by donating to the hospital is amazing. It makes me realize that the work I do does make an impact.”

Donna began her career at MSH as a nurse in the inpatient mental health unit. Over the years, she’s had a number of different roles — always within mental health. Five years ago, Donna transitioned to outpatient mental health where she continues to work in the medication clinic.

“I provide medication and blood monitoring for patients who come regularly for treatment, so I get to know them well,” Donna explains. “Our patients know they can call us for any issues that come up. We’re their go-to for any concerns they may have.”

The personalized care Donna and her colleagues provide to their patients is in keeping with her view of MSH as a hospital with a real community feel. “Our hospital has grown bigger over the years but it still feels like family,” Donna says. “There’s a real sense of community and working together throughout the hospital.”

Thoughtful supporters, like you, are very much part of our hospital community. And, like everyone at MSH, Donna is very grateful for donor support. “The money our donors contribute certainly makes a difference. We’ve seen that in our program,” she says. “Thanks to your generosity we’re able to offer more programs and services and ultimately give back to our community.”

We, in turn, are very grateful to Donna, for going above and beyond for her patients. She says it means the world to her to know her hard work is being recognized in the best way possible.

“To the person who nominated me as an MSH Hero, I would greatly like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for honouring me in this way and for giving back to the hospital,” she says.

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