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Rosemary Cameirao

Pediatric Nurse

Winter 2020 - Talk to Rosemary Cameirao for a couple of minutes and you’ll know soon enough how much she loves her job. In Rosemary’s case, working as a nurse in the Paediatric Ambulatory, it’s a combination of things: the continual learning, the human interaction, the mentoring and the genuine pride to be representing a revered centre of healthcare excellence.

In March, Rosemary celebrates 30 years at MSH. She’s one of the originals, and she sure is proud of it.

Rosemary was born and raised in Sudbury, one of seven children. She started nursing in 1976, working in the nursery at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto. This is where she discovered her passion for caring for newborns and their families. She also discovered her passion for knowledge.

“I wanted to help people, and I wanted to know more. It’s the science behind it all, and the ability to make a change,” she says. All of this came together when she joined MSH. The culture of learning and continual improvement is a vital component and one of the main reasons, she says, that so many of the staff stay with the hospital for so long.

“I think it’s a gift, the facilities and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools we have. And management here, all the way up to the CEO, is always looking to improve. We also have a very generous community that supports the purchase of equipment that enables MSH’s life-saving care.”

Rosemary touches many lives, bestowing her knowledge and enthusiasm. She works with pediatricians, family doctors, nursing students, volunteers, and co-op students from local high schools. Students are often surprised by their first experiences at MSH. They tell her: “I’ve never worked in a place like this before, everyone is so warm and accommodating.” According to Rosemary, that’s been the culture since day one.

Rosemary also runs a tight ship. When she’s teaching, she looks to inspire those around her to expand their thinking, to develop new approaches that will result in best outcomes for families. One of her greatest joys is empowering families with knowledge.

Looking back on her career of learning, Rosemary notes that she has had many good mentors, and so she wants to pass that same experience along to everyone she interacts with.

“My goal is to make the patient’s experience comfortable, worthwhile and family-centred. Learning is exciting – seeing results is gratifying.” It’s a strategy that seems to be working — and makes Rosemary a true MSH Hero.

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