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A good news story

Two years after being treated for cancer, Mika Midolo shares how she's doing today.

It’s been over two years since former on-air reporter at CP24, Mika Midolo, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (blood cancer) at MSH. And, this October, it will be two years since she finished her last chemotherapy treatment at the hospital.

“I’m happy to say that I’m considered NED (no evidence of disease),” says Mika. “I’m still going for scans and blood work, and seeing my amazing oncology team at MSH, and will continue to do so.”

Perhaps you remember Mika’s story from an article that appeared in our spring 2022 newsletter. The 44-year-old was experiencing night sweats, headaches, coughing, itchiness and other symptoms when she came to our Emergency Department in May 2021. “I could barely take a breath,” Mika recalls. 

Mika underwent many tests, including a biopsy, which diagnosed her lymphoma. She then endured six rounds of chemotherapy at MSH, plus radiation therapy to treat the aggressive cancer. “The nurses in the cancer centre always went above and beyond. They made me feel like I could do this,” Mika says.

After her treatment, Mika and her family moved to Campbellford but she continues to rely on her team at MSH for follow-up care. “Because of the amazing doctors, nurses, technicians and every single person at the hospital, I will continue to stay with them,” she says. “In fact, my team has discovered a few benign tumours they keep an eye on. I am ever so grateful.”

I will always come back to Markham Stouffville Hospital. I will always be their patient. It’s my safe place now.

Mika Midolo

The power of giving

Mika and many other patients at MSH rely on vital equipment like CT scanners and MRI machines to diagnose their cancer and stay on top of any subsequent recurrence. And the foundation, in turn, relies on caring supporters like you to ensure our hospital is equipped with the latest technology.

“It’s so important for people to donate to MSH so it can invest in lifesaving equipment to help people every single day, close to home,” Mika explains. “The government can’t fund this equipment, but generous donors do!”

Today, Mika continues to feel thankful for the leading-edge care she received at MSH. She’s also deeply grateful to the thoughtful donors who made it possible.

“Thank you to everyone who has donated to MSH,” Mika says. “I wouldn’t be here today with my family and doing what I love without your donations.”

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